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Newly launched 4HOME to boost furniture and furnishing market in Oman

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Newly launched 4HOME to boost furniture and furnishing market in Oman

Muscat: To boost the furniture and furnishing market in the Sultanate, a new Omani brand 4HOME, was launched recently.

While aiming to become one among the leading furniture and furnishing brands in Oman, 4HOME aspires to support the Oman development story. The brand plans to do this by giving special emphasis on domestic products, in addition to other collections sourced from across the globe.

The 4HOME brand will symbolise furnishing solutions for home and home offices, which are unique, authentic and inspirational. It will have a characteristic drift towards contemporary and classic collections; meeting the styles of the modern day home and interior.

The launch of the new brand 4HOME was announced at a press conference attended by Hamed Al Harassi, chairman, R. K. Abdul Majeed, managing director and N. Aseem, director, held at City Seasons Hotel.

Speaking at the press conference, Hamed Al Harrasi, the chairman said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new brand 4HOME in Oman. As Oman continues working to diversify, the present situation offers an excellent opportunity to invest in new businesses. We believe that the Sultanate is amidst a strong and sustainable growth. This is the reason why we decided to launch 4HOME which is essentially an Omani brand.”

He added, “We are looking to fill a market gap, and we aim to cater to both high-end customers as well as those looking for affordable but quality products. The brand will be in tune with the latest international furniture trends. In consultation with our manufacturers, we will produce high-quality furniture and pay a lot of attention on the finish.”

Stressing that the brand will be an ultimate destination for modern and contemporary furniture, he also added, “The home furnishings market in Oman has a potential to grow and that is why we will soon be launching 4HOME’s first showroom at a prime location in Al Khuwair/Madinat Qaboos.”

Stating that 4HOME will cater to all, Abdul Majeed said, “Many consumers are looking for complete home solutions under one roof. Given the circumstances, segments such as home textiles, home decoration and houseware are assimilating into a new single category. From an exclusive range of upholstery, bed and bath linen to wooden and vinyl flooring, carpets to mattresses, lampshades to wall décor, drapery rods and blinds, 4HOME will have something to suit every taste.”

Underscoring that the management is positive of the response, Aseem said, “The furniture and furnishing market is growing by leaps and bounds in Oman, thanks to better awareness among consumers and a taste for quality products.”

He added, “4HOME will showcase dining, living and bedroom concepts displayed against the backdrop of an opulent store interior design.”

Talking about the brand strategy, he also added, “As a brand, we aim to create job opportunities, as well as opportunities for local companies. We have plans to supply 4HOME products to other countries in the region at a later stage. Our carpet and curtain galleries will be supplied to the other retailers in Oman too.”

4HOME will cater to both hard furnishing and soft furnishing needs. It will be the first showroom in Oman that will display over 85-bedroom sets. The brand’s ‘curtain galleria’ will include both ready-made and custom-made curtains. Mylinen section will have a range of comforters, bedsheets and fitted sheets made of 100% cotton and high thread count material. Its ‘carpet galleria’ will encompass contemporary, shaggy and classic Persian carpets.

The upcoming showroom will have high-end classic furniture, bedroom sets, dining tables, sofa sets, kids’ furniture, rattan furniture and outdoor furniture. It will also have a wide range of home decor items, such as classic grandpa clocks, wall decor, metal art, paintings, wooden carvings, hand-made vases, hand-painted ceramic vases, resin vases, wooden vases and brass metal vases.


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